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Designing Serial Consumption of Infinite Content Modules

The television remote and the metaphor of “surfing” to find desirable broadcast streams will undergo a change. With the exception of live news, sports and performance — recorded content will become untethered from specific time slots. Time shifting will become the norm. (A revolution started by Bing Crosby). Replacing the tv remote will be a scheduling tool to create a river of content modules. Organizing, finding, discovering, berry-gathering — and then booking into a serial stream, that’s the new interaction. In some ways, we’re already used to it: it’s the Netflix Queue. The ambient findability of content becomes critical.

The economics of this interaction have yet to emerge. At the moment, it seems to resemble simple gluttony. It’s as though a hungry person is sitting in front of a free smorgasbord — what will be eaten and in what order?

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