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Larry Keeley at IIT Strategy 2007

Joe Tennis sent me this link. While I’ve made an extensive study of Web design, I haven’t really thought much about industrial design. Looking at Larry Keeley’s presentation and some of the others on the Strategy 2007 Web site shows me there’s a strong connection. And this is especially true of practicing Web design in the corporate context—where your Web site is primarily an application.

When I think industrial design, I tend to think of Jonathan Ive or John Hutton. But there’s a whole world out there and it’s available through the Web. I’m having a great time exploring Core77.

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  1. Man, I was just talking with Donna tonight about adding a title for some folks called “Industrial Interaction Designers” to allude to a broader skill set, similar to how Industrial Designers have knowledge of electrical engineering, material tolerances and the like.

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