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The commons and the cloud, the network and the tribes

The commons and the cloud, its the direction many of us see the world of personal/corporate technology moving. We’re starting to trust the cloud to hold our data, keep it safe and secure and provide it to us where ever and when ever we need it. Although there have been some notable failures recently, we assume that things will simply get better and better. The richer the cloud and commons become the better it is for all of us. The internet itself was built to route around failures in nodes of the network.

There have been a few signals that not everyone has signed on to that dream. In particular, I’m referring to the undersea cables recently cut to eliminate internet access to whole countries. And more recently the attempts by Pakistan to censor YouTube that made the service unavailable to everyone.

As we grow more and more dependent on the commons and the cloud, we have to understand that not all cultures and political systems are compatible with the level of openness that currently exists in the network. Is it a future moment of science fiction where a war has broken out between the network and the tribes? Or is it something just around the corner.

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