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Yahoo: The end is in the beginning

The word of a possible Yahoo + Murdoch deal is strange indeed. That merger would be the final transition of Yahoo from a technology company to a media company. The core values of Yahoo would undergo a fundamental transformation. In a sense, it would be a betrayal of the promise of the internet. One of the least interesting developments in the history of the internet has been the advent of regular old display advertising—and better targeting only makes it worse. Is the internet just another way to bundle up eyeballs and sell them to advertisers? That’s a one-way transaction in a medium built for multi-part two-way transactions.On the other hand, Microsoft and Yahoo is an explosive mixture that might actually result in something interesting. If Microsoft can accept a mixed operating system environment, which really means moving on to the web-based operating system, Yahoo could put its foot on the accelerator and really start to innovate.Everything comes to an end some time. Perhaps it’s Yahoo’s time. It’s the reason that personal data should be portable. Yahoo may end, but for the time being, you haven’t ended.

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