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Reflections On The Shape I’m In

The idea of a ‘MirrorWorld’ is very powerful metaphorically. It’s as though the vital and valuable parts of our world are taking root in the Network and creating— not a shadow existence, but a reflection of the shape of our lives. The personal computer has been the portal through which we viewed this reflection. It’s also been the tool we used to build this reflecting pond.

It occurred to me that the iPad is responding to the evolving shape of the Network. We think of augmented reality as something written on top of the base field of the reality around us. The Network, in the sense that it reflects our lived world, is already an augmentation of reality. The portal to that real-time reflection looks more and more like an iPad, and less and less like a personal computer. Perhaps we’re in an in-between state— we don’t yet know the shape we’re in.

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  1. Yes, although the thing that got me started down this path was thinking about the tain of the mirror. What is the quality of the thing that reflects?

  2. Do you remember a book by Meyer Abrams called “The Mirror or the Lamp”, about the nature of art? Art is a frame around reality — a mirror or a lamp for it. Your post reminded me of this book I haven't read in 40 years

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