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Geomagnetic storm erases earth’s hard disks

Geomagnetic storm

A large geomagnetic storm, caused by unusually high sunspot activity, has hit the earth with the effect of erasing every computer hard disk on the planet. Meterologists have determined that these magnetic storms occur every 250 years. The last storm, while recorded by historians, seemed to have little noticeable effect.

Ironically, Google had just completed the transfer of all printed matter to digital format to create a univeral public library of the world. This digital library’s contents have been completely erased. Fortunately the source materials are still in existence. Another side effect for Google, it’s own indexes, software and search capability have been erased, along with all of the web sites it used to spider. In response, the Oxford English Dictionary has removed the verb “to google” from its pages. Google’s stock price was not effected.

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