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NY Times Rejoins the Conversation

NY Times

I stopped linking to the NY Times, or even sending their links in email when they put up their wall. The pay-to-view section of the Times was a very poor idea. Today they announced they’ll stop charging. Jeff Jarvis called it a cyncial ploy from the beginning, content wants to free. But that’s not entirely true, online news content wants to be part of the conversation, but it can easily sit in a corner and talk to itself. The Times Select content consisted of the archive and Op-Ed writers, the Times probably learned no one cared enough about reading or linking to Maureen Dowd and Paul Krug. The conversation is quite lively without them. If the Times wants to be part of the debate around the next presidential election, the wall had to come down.

The Internet is making an evolution of democracy and free speech possible. The NY Times can participate in the conversation and stick advertising on the click flow, or they can sit on the sidelines. Welcome back.

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