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Identity Anchor: Health & Office Apps


Microsoft has tipped its hand, it wants to tie your online identity and authentication credentials to Windows Live. Google has been working the same angle for some time, although they’ve added an interesting twist. Adam Bosworth has been working on Google Health. If Google is holding on to your health history information, why not consolidate all your important secure identity stuff there, add in the ability to pay for things and your savings and investing credentials— and then you’ve suddenly got just about everything. Microsoft is also thinking about health and will make some announcements soon.

If you trust Microsoft or Google with your health care history, why not trust them with your whole online identity? From the health angle, the consumer is reclaiming their data with the ability to assert it in whatever context they choose. But this is a bootstrap to a larger goal. We should keep our eyes open with regard to this— Google and Microsoft have become similar enough that past objections to Hailstorm should still carry some weight. (Despite Google’s desire to “not be evil.”)

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