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Fiat Lux: Science and the Dark Ages

Science has been under assault lately. Political actions have cut off the air supply. Media relay filters have put science and non-science on a level playing field and given equal access to each– all the while maintaining the appearance of “objectivity.”

Dinosaur: Academy of Sciences

I attended a member preview of a revolutionary act today. The California Academy of Sciences, located in Golden Gate Park, will officially open this coming Saturday. At the preview, thousands greeted a presentation of scientific learning.

Science has been underground, hiding from those who might do it harm. There were a couple of things that were important takeaways.

Zebras: Academy of Sciences

Children love science. The faces and voices of children filled the halls. A thousand scientists were created today.

Science is now about context and ecosystems. It’s about the connections within a network. The cheese doesn’t stand alone.

Coral Reef: Academy of Sciences

Everything is connected and everything evolves. Two of the primary shows feature: Evolution in Madagascar and the Galapagos Islands; and Climate Change and how animals will have to adapt. Science and simultaneously a form of political science.

Science comes out of the darkness and gloriously into the light. Let us each keep a candle lit to provide enough light for our children to experience the wonder of the scientific world.