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I’ll be going to SF Opera’s production of Tannhauser next week. The music has been the soundtrack around the house for the last week. Just listening to the overture makes me happy. You’ve got to love a story that starts with the hero discovering “Venusberg,” the subterranean home of Venus and spending a year worshipping the goddess.

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Pavarotti Remembered

There was time when he was one of the greatest. A great voice and a great presence. In his later years, he was given to strange duets with pop stars. Some worked out better than others. Some time will have to pass before he’s properly remembered. The recent past puts a strange spin on his career. For those who don’t really know his accomplishments, they only remember their puzzlement at the opera singer trying his hand at popular music.

One of my favorite pop songs, although my preference is for the version by Chris Whitley on Perfect Day. What strange collaboration, in some ways it’s very New York: Pavarotti and Lou Reed.

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Richard Foreman: Ontological Hysterical Mashup

Richard Foreman has an API. He’s mashable. His notebooks are downloadable in html and you can freely include them in your Web 2.0 mashup. You push the button, and Foreman does the rest…

This website contains hundreds of pages of unedited text which Richard Foreman is making available freely for use by theatrical authors/directors from which to create plays of their own.

I’d like to see an automatic Richard Foreman play generator, select the themes, the length and the number of characters. And then we need to get together and put on theatricals for each other on a saturday night.

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