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The Portable Web Page

Forrester recently released a report stating that the iPhone signaled the “beginning of the end of the moblile Web as we know it.”


Some interpreted that to mean the Web would no longer need to be specially formated for small devices. The iPhone has the ability to view regular pages—and the user can scroll and zoom to what she’d like to see.

But we’re starting to see optimization for the iPhone. Facebook has just released an iPhone version. I think this is the real “beginning of the end of the mobile Web as we know it.” It’s not that there won’t be a special version of the Web optimized for mobile devices, it’s that we’ll see the Web optimized for iPhone. It’s about the browser, screen size and interaction models. iPhone allows a the creation of a richer portable Web experience, and Web companies are complying.

The question is: Is Apple and the iPhone creating the new standard for the mobile Web. And will other vendors respect the standard or move in other directions? (Potential future headaches for Web designers).

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