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Charles Darwin: The Evolution of Film Distribution


A film about the life of Charles Darwin called “Creation” recently debuted at the Toronto Film Festival. The film hasn’t found a distributor in the United States. The word is that film distributors are concerned about a backlash from the religious right. It’s interesting to observe the effect of fear and intimidation on our culture and the circulation of thought.

The absence of this film from the American market is a signal of an inflection point in the evolution of film distribution. Routing around the installed movie theater infrastructure will be enabled by a number of technologies including: semi-pro “home” theater, HD video distribution via the Network, and Microsoft’s Silverlight.


Movie theaters used to require that the projector be physically present in the theater. In the Network, every point in space is next to every other. The beam of light emitted by the projector can now be routed through the Network to any set of screens. It will much more difficult to block distribution through this kind of Network. Although I hope I don’t have to wait for the mechanics of natural selection to become operative before I have an opportunity to see this film.

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