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Public Domain Cinema

Masterpieces of the cinema are entering the public domain. There’s great promise for the creation mashups and quotation. Nosferatu has already had many new scores written for it. I remember going to an art movie house to see this film. It was a great rarity. Now you can watch the whole film on echovar.

Mozart Dances

I’m looking forward to seeing Mark Morris‘s Mozart Dances this afternoon. I’ve hear nothing but raves. There’s not a lot of dance that motivates me to buy tickets and attend a performance. Mark Morris is one of the few. Pina Baush’s Tanstheater Wuppertal is another.

Jon Udell & Bill Buxton

I’m trying to figure out a good way to point to MP3s that I’ve found interesting. I’d like for the reader to be able to play them in the page, just like they can play video from YouTube and other providers. Delicious has a little flash widget that seems to work well on their site.

Jon Udell talks with Bill Buxton about Design Thinking, and in particular the role and economics of the sketch.

I’ll have to keep working on this. The Delicious flash widget runs the playback too fast. Jon and Bill sound like they’ve been breathing helium. The link goes directly to the MP3.

Common Craft: What is RSS?

Common Craft does an excellent job of explaining stuff. Or at least I think they do. My problem is I already understand the stuff they’re explaining, so of course it makes sense to me. I like this explanation of RSS, and next time someone asks me about it, I’ll point them to this screencast.

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