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Hackers Demand Stable iPhone Hacking Environment

Huh? Hackers are upset that Apple takes active counter measures? Seems to me that’s part of the game. You do something, and then they do something. Now you’re supposed to do something else. The enviornment isn’t going to be stable because Apple needs to live up to their contracts and commitments. Oh, and by the way, they’d like to make some money on the product.

I’m confident we’ll see third-party apps on the iPhone, it may just take a while. I’m also certain we’ll see some new apps from Apple and some amazing Web-based apps. The hacking of the iPhone is good in that it forces Apple to move more quickly. It tells them there’s some demand there.

I wonder if iPhones can be hacked in such a way that they can be restored to a pre-hacked state? Seems like that’s going to have to be standard operating procedure if folks want to keep hacking away. It’s called risk mitigation.

iPhone Updated Without Issues


No iBrick here. Of course, I didn’t unlock it and I didn’t put any outside apps on it. I am a fan of the Web-based apps that are formatted for iPhone. It seems like Dave Winer is spreading some FUD on the 1.1.1 update. Scoble’s son’s phone iBricked and so he assume all others will as well. He uses his megaphone to spread some FUD.

After it’s all said and done. There will be a bunch of folks who hacked their phones who are going to need to hack their way out of a brick. I imagine they’ll eventually be able to do that. A very small number of non-hacked phones will break and will be fixed at an Apple store— and life will go on.

After all, it’s just another software update.

Amazon’s MP3 Store Rocks

I’m an iPod and iTunes user. While I know how to drag files to a player and manually manage them. I find it easier to let iTunes do the work. The great part about Amazon’s MP3 store is that it integrates seamlessly with iTunes. It does require the download and installation of an application, and for some people that will be a bridge too far. But for those able to overcome that hurdle, if you’re already an Amazon customer, that’s about it.

Find a song or album and download it. It shows up in iTunes. Make a playlist and sync it with your iPhone or just sync it to your iPod. Nice. It’s the beginning of competition in the digital download market. It’s the first serious competition because it works well with Apples products. Some think this is a big problem for Apple, personally I think it’s exactly what Apple needs. They’ve had no competition. Competition will be good for both Amazon and Apple. Perhaps they can show the rest of the industry what the user experience needs to look like.

Getting Paid

I’ve been looking at various online payment systems. None of them are really made for the Web. And PayPal is a nightmare from which I’m trying to awake. To some extent we need a company to start from scratch with the Web in mind. Is Revolution Money the solution?

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