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They’re Getting the Old Gang Back Together

The Gillmor Gang

Can the old chaotic magic be recreated? Steve Gillmor announces that the Gang Formerly Known as Gillmor will be getting back together. Much like the Artist Formerly Known As Prince, Gillmor has legal issues around his band’s original name.

But me? I just care about the music, and the conversation. And the old gang provided some of the best conversation, insight, comedy, drama and ideas-per-minute in broadcasting/podcasting. I’ve been missing the old gang, so I hope they can get it going, and keep it going for a while.

Feudalism & Automating Web Polution

Scoble writes that Mahalo, Facebook and TechMeme will “kick Google’s ass” in 4 years. Actually, he both writes and videos his prediction.

We live in a polluted environment on the Web. We destroyed the value of the Meta Keyword tag, and with spam we’ve made email a pain and with SEO spam, we’re poluting Web search results. And our poluters use automation for the purpose of polution. No wonder the internet is boring. We’ve fouled our nest, and now we retreat to the walled gardens, gated communities and da club.¬† The Web¬†begins to organize itself into feudal kingdoms.

Sturgeon’s Law: The Internet is Boring

Mark Cuban has stated the obvious. The Interent is dead and boring. Any popular media will eventually be subject to Sturgeon’s Law: 90% of everything is crud. Of course, that’s why there are so many businesses built around finding the 10%.

Disappearing Over the Horizon

Maynard G. Krebs

Beatnik slang is in some ways an invention of the mass media, a safer flavor of the Beat Generation made palatable for mass consumption. Movies and television featured kooky characters that assumed this stereotype. Other films presented a more hard edged vision. But none of them really captured the life, times and writing of Kerouac, Ginsberg, Snyder, Burroughs, Cassady, Ferlinghetti and the rest. A calcification of the Beat spirit is under way, the Beat Museum has opened just around the corner from City Lights.

While it only treats the Beat generation peripherally, the television series Mad Men provides a strange and wonderful picture of how foreign that world was. It chronicles the dominant cultural themes that created a Beat Generation at the margins. It’s a history that is disappearing from our memories and emerging into our imaginations.

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