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Gyöngy Laky: Play By The Rules

Gyöngy LakyGyöngy Laky’s Play By The Rules is a great addition to the Arcadia 2007 Auction. Constructed from the street trees in her Neighborhood, nails and plastic army men — this piece has both a ecological and a political edge. This wall mounted sculpture will be part of the Live Auction. If you’ve never encountered Gyöngy’s work before, you should give her a google. (By the way, it’s pronounced “Ging” as in “Ginger”)

Peggy Honeywell:Clare Rojas

Clare RojasRecording artist Peggy Honeywell in the guise of visual artist Clare Rojas has contributed a beautiful untitled work to Arcadia 2007. Clare Rojas is a talented musician, filmmaker and painter. With all that going on, it’s wonderful that Clare took the time to create a piece especially for Arcadia.

Richard Bassett’s Cabin

Richard BassettAs a child I played with a toy called Lincoln Logs. Artist Richard Bassett has recast that childhood toy in cold rolled steel and made it his donation to Arcadia 2007. “The Burden of Myth and Memory” is both a playful and deep expression of Arcadia’s theme: Art of, or inspired by, trees.

Marica Stuermer’s Botanical Barcode

Marcia StuermerThe Web is a great way to get an idea of how something looks. But in some ways it robs us of the depth and immediacy of direct experience. This is especially true when it comes to visual art. Marcia Stuermer’s contribution to Arcadia 2007, Botanical Barcode must be seen in person to fully appreciate its beauty. Stuermer samples moments in time, capturing them in resin. The artistry is in the moments she chooses.

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