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Getting Small

One of the ideas that came out of the “Future of Web Apps” conference, recently held in San Francisco, is that an IPO is no longer a primary goal. While there were lots of presenters talking about taking money from venture capitalists, the liquidity event du jour is an acquisition by Google, Yahoo or Microsoft.

The other thread was that staying small and creating a company that could support you and some of your developer buddies was a perfectly fine goal. A few people were looking beyond the mass market to the long tail and simply being a small business. The cool thing about the Web is that it makes “really big” possible, but “small” works too. 37 Signals and their suite of Web Apps is a good example.

Remembering Milosz

The Bay area had a literary giant in its midst for many years. For the most part, he was unrecognized and unknown — despite winning the Nobel Prize. Czeslaw Milosz’s work probably resonated more naturally in his home countries of Poland and Lithuania, but there was plenty there for the rest of us. His book Visions of San Francisco Bay speaks to us directly. Earlier this year (April/2006), a gathering was held at the Main Library to remember Milosz and his time with us here in the Bay area. This flood of thoughts about Milosz was triggered by a new book, “Czeslaw Milosz: Conversations.” I can easily imagine myself engaged in conversation with Milosz for the rest of my life.

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday John. A genius of musical imagination.

Transitional DocTypes

This thought has been rattling around in my brain for a while. When will we transition away from transitional doctypes in building Web sites? What will we gain and what will we break? It seems others are thinking the same thing.

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