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Reading Paintings

Field Study

I have a vested interest in introducing people to the idea of owning art. I like articles like this one on Reading Paintings. It brings art within reach. But I’d like an extension of the concept to art that you can buy and live with. It’s one thing to read a painting in a museum, it’s another to live with art and read it deeply over time.

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  1. Thanks, and I agree. When I lived in New York City, gifts for family and friends were always art. OK, not Picasso or anything like that — I was a struggling grad student — but posters, prints, and especially original work from the artists who line the streets of SoHo and Williamsburg. In Vegas, we don’t have such a well-developed arts community, but I do what I can — both to support the artists and to enrich the lives of my family, friends, and myself.

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