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Google Apps: Classic Innovator’s Dilemna

I suppose this has been noted before, but Microsoft Office overserves its users. It has too many features that no one uses. It has features that no one even knows about. If an MS Word feature falls in the woods, and no one hears it, does it make a sound? This is a classic Innovator’s Dilemna.

It’s easy to say that Google apps is not as good as Microsoft Office. But that’s an answer to the wrong question. The question is: is it good enough, for a lot less money. The folks at CapGemini seem to think so. It’ll cost a company $50 per year per employee for Google Apps. Microsoft will counter with Microsoft Live, but they don’t what to cannibalize their own product. Which means they leave the field open to Google Apps and Zoho. Speaking of Zoho, you’d think Yahoo or somebody would buy them.

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